Hockey, curling designs

The designs that the Canadian hockey and curling teams will be wearing on their jerseys and uniforms at the upcoming Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games were revealed this week. 

For hockey, there will be three alternate colours —white, red and black— each with a maple leaf design centred on the front chest. 

Canada’s curling teams will also have a trio of uniforms with red, black and white primary colours and will include designs by two-spirit Anishinaabe artist Patrick Hunter from Red Lake, Ont. and whose family is from Keeseekoowenin First Nation near Brandon, Man.

Seven trees are included in the design to represent the seven grandfather teachings of the Anishinaabe culture, along with four eagle feathers to represent an honoured gift for the four members of the curling teams and four sacred medicines to symbolize positive energy for the players.

“It feels pretty insane that they’re going to be seen on this world stage by millions of people,” Hunter said to CBC news. “I just want there to be a lot more visibility for Indigenous people in Canada, and what a great stage to put that on.”

The Beijing Winter Games kick off with the Olympics from Feb. 4-20 and will be followed by the Paralympics March 4-13.

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